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Walk Your Talk: Internal Communications

Whether you are on-boarding new talent or ensuring your current team remains responsive to changes in the business environment, keeping your people aligned and focused is key to staying competitive. Incorporating communications that fit your organizational development is not a one-size-fits-all process. To be effective requires refined finesse and extensive know-how.

We have all worked in an executive capacity and know how to develop communication and management skills that go beyond personal achievement to impact business success.

Corporate Communications: Sample Project

We coordinate your internal communication strategy to support cohesive development across disciplines.

  • Our client was a large city hospital with a new senior director promoted from within. She was not only untested, but naturally introverted and soft spoken. We worked with her to develop communication protocols and standards for everything from meetings to emails. We then coached her in facilitation and interviewing skills that appealed to her sense of order and kept her focused on organizational goals. She was able to successfully collaborate with other department heads to make the most of every team members' time.

Team Dynamics: Sample Project

We ensure that your employees focus on the right work.

  • Our client was a wealth management company with a demanding clientele. Using assessment tools and interviews, we provided the senior director with an analysis and recommendations for focusing his reports on priorities that suited their natural strengths and supported critical goals. This led to a 95% client retention and over $900M in assets under the firm's control.

Production Management: Sample Project

We're proficient at leading technical and creative teams through end-to-end process.

  • Our client was a home entertainment company that was integrating computer software into their content development process. There was fear that the technology would inhibit their innovative environment. We implemented a collaborative communication strategy which improved the software's accuracy as well as the workflow of the creative team.

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