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Resources for Building Recognition Inside & Out

These days, smart business people need to think hard about how they want to be perceived by new clients, old fans, and their own work team. We practice what we preach and have assembled podcasts, Twitter feeds, blogs and traditional print articles to help you expand your strategic thinking in this area. If you have a topic of interest and don't see it here, drop us a line. We may have something in our library that's just what you need.

Twitter Feeds, Blogs and Podcasts

» For media and theater trends: @IAmCathyHammer Twitter feed.

» For observations of a theater lover: The Unforgettable Line Blog.

» For an insider's view of the broadcast industry: Remote Possibilities Blog.

» For our favorite social media blog: Visit the good folks at Mashable.


  Title   Author    
  Managing Up   Susan Bloch
Visit Susan's Site
  Focus: To improve your management relationship, turn it upside down.
  Communication Coaching (1:01)   Cathy Hammer   wmv (2.5MB)
  Focus: Reasons to consider communication coaching. (Excerpt from Comcast Local Edition interview)
  Communicating with Customers   Turner DeVaughn
Visit Turner DeVaughn
  Focus: Think of your Selling Cycle as their Buying Cycle.
  The Confidence Gap   David Kertzner   pdf
  Focus: Boost contributions from your non-native English speakers.
  PR in a Nutshell   Dave Hyams   pdf
  Focus: Integrate public relations into your strategic communications plan.
  Public Speaking (1:39)   Cathy Hammer   wmv (4MB)
  Focus: Get comfortable speaking before an audience. (Excerpt from Comcast Local Edition interview)
  Cutting Back the Right Way   John Maver
  Focus: Downsize intelligently so you are ready for the uptick.
  Facilitated Mentoring   Margo Murray   pdf
  Focus: Energize your employees and retain your intellectual capital.
  Selecting a Coach   Sylvia Warren MBA
Visit Sylvia's site
  Focus: Find the coach for you by following an insider's guide.
  Revisiting Turnover   Jerry L. Talley
Visit Jerry's site
  Focus: Employee loyalty is not a mystery.
  Coach Style Management   Cathy Hammer   pdf
  Focus: Capitalize on the talents of your entire team.

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