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"Cathy is a passionate advocate of clear, productive communication, fun and inspiring to work with. I learned how to leverage communication to accomplish tasks more thoroughly."

Suzanne Cronin
Senior Editor
Oracle Corporation


How We Work

Overhead is going up, the pace of business is speeding up, and new challenges keep cropping up. We have the expertise to help you honestly assess your current standing and develop new comfortable routines that keep you and your business nimble, responsive and ahead of the curve.

Steps to Success

  • Seasoned analysis of challenges and opportunities to help you focus on the actions that will make the biggest difference.
  • Development of tech-savvy and creative solutions built on what's already working for you.
  • Informed preparation of your people so that action plans are understood and supported.
  • Proven techniques for reinforcement and recommended next steps so strategies are sustained.
  • Accurate measurement of the results so you know what's working and what needs to be improved.

Read more about how we can develop strategies and content for today's communication culture just for YOU:

  • Integrated marketing packages, strategies that preserve brand integrity and media coaching to attract audiences with our External Communications
  • Sensible corporate communications, enhanced team dynamics and smooth production management that support business goals with our Internal Communications
  • Engaging experiential speaking engagement to introduce your group or organization to our concepts.

Give us a call at 415-722-3228 to arrange your initial no-cost assessment to determine which of our services are right for you. Whatever you select, we'll include a three-month check-up to verify that you are still focused on the trail to success.

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