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"Cathy is able to break down barriers and find solutions that companies are unable to find themselves and thus drive increased business progress."

John Maver
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Talk Your Walk: External Communications

With experience in both the technical and creative realms, we craft cohesive marketing and media strategies that express the benefits of your business in the strongest and clearest terms.

Integrated Marketing: Sample Project

We were at the forefront of integrating new technologies with business campaigns and are experienced at both traditional and multimedia content production. We take you from creative brainstorming through to sustainable implementation with measurable results.

  • Our client was a trade association with over 1800 members. They had multiple marketing pieces with conflicting tones and styles. We collaborated with their internal branding team to develop traditional and multimedia materials with a single voice. From these, we built bundles targeted to specific segments of their customer base.
  • Brand Integrity: Sample Project

    We identify what works in your organizational culture and ensure that your messaging is consistant with who you are.

    • Our client was a start-up that had developed a set top box and custom software used to conduct consumer surveys. While their product was user friendly, their outreach campaign had gotten bogged down by jargon and focused too much on the features of their new technology. We developed a revised communication package that highlighted the benefits of eliminating the complications of typical web-based focused groups, and helped land three new corporate accounts: Pepsi, CBS, and Gillette.

    Media Coaching: Sample Project

    We help you fully engage with your audience, whether you are new to public speaking or an old hand launching a new project.

    • Our client was a youth sailing team responsible for raising the necessary funds to compete in an international event. We provided them with a creative brief that identifed target audiences, marketing objectives, brand positioning and available resources. We then coached them in presentation skills and conducted Q&A drills so that they entered the spotlight relaxed and prepared. Finally, we helped them coordinate their YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed to encourage additional publicity from citizen journalists.

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