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"Dealing with the 'soft' issues of family and interpersonal relations is usually the most delicate and overlooked area of need in a closely held business."

The Family Business Institute


Family Business Sessions

The UT Center for Family Business reports that the three biggest reasons family owned businesses fail are:

  • Lack of qualified leadership
  • Inability to facilitate the transition to the next generation
  • Conflict within family relationships

We work with you to implement strategic development and transition plans that address those challenges. We'll help you determine key action items that support your business continuity plan, provide a roadmap for succession, and balance the personal and professional needs of all parties.

Your custom package may include:

  • Assessment and enhancement of your succession plan to ensure effectiveness.
  • Creation of professional development plans that promote qualified leadership and business continuity.
  • Coaching in problem-solving techniques that stimulate productive dialogue across generations.
  • Strategies and support for regular meetings that smooth the transition process.

Give us a call at 415-722-3228 for your initial no-cost assessment and a package and schedule that will get you and your family to the next stage... and beyond.

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