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Cathy Hammer
Cathy Hammer

"I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy Hammer as a person with outstanding problem solving skills. I can't remember a single instance where a challenge was presented to her that she didn't solve."

Chip Lewis
Business Intelligence Analyst


From the Control Room to the Board Room

Tech, media and business savvy: That's how I provide you with a customized plan, team and tools that fit both you and today's communication culture.

Plot Synopsis (Work Summary)

My career in communications began when I served on an NBC director's team. I transitioned to managing the development of custom software for some of television's longest running game shows. My range of experience includes co-authoring "Tips and Tactics for Conducting E-Commerce;" hosting "Say What?!" a podcast for managers and their teams; managing the media blog "Remote Possibilities" and serving as VP of Production for one of San Francisco's first integrated marketing agencies.

Cast of Characters (Our Consultants)

My team members and I have held executive positions and understand the pressures of running a business in today's fast paced environment. Everyone has access to a seemingly endless stream of information about you and every word you say (or tweet) has potential impact on your bottom line. Whether you are looking for an elaborate corporate communications plan or media prep for a one-minute YouTube video, we'll fit your needs and provide meaningful results.

Scene Designers (Our Clients)

We work with funded start-ups, established mid-sized companies and divisions of large enterprises. Our clients represent the best in many fields: consumer research, sales and marketing, corporate image and brand identity, wealth management, biotechnology and research, architecture and design, PKI and encryption, and the non-profit sector.

Roll the Credits (Achievement Highlights)

  • Co-author "Tips and Tactics for Conducting E-Commerce" (Inc. Business Resources)
  • Senior Consultant with Oak Tree Project San Francisco for Non-Profit development
  • Writer/Editor for Remote Possibilities and The Unforgettable Line
  • Participating Member of the Drama Desk
  • Committee Chair for the Directors Guild of America San Francisco Coordinating Committee
  • Chair of the Leadership Development Initiative for the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Thoroughly trained in the DiSC Classic and other Inscape instruments
  • BS from Northwestern University School of Communication
  • Certification in Training and Development from U.C. Berkeley Extension and in Computer Programming and System Analysis from UCLA
  • Co-developer of back-end software for "The Price is Right", "Family Feud" and more.

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