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"Cathy is a pleasure to work with. She addressed my specific concerns by providing appropriate concrete examples. Her ability put me at ease and I was empowered by her advice."

Jo Price
Project Manager
Toll Brothers, Inc.

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In today's communication culture...

Now more than ever, everything you say has an impact on your business. Perception quickly becomes reality.

Cathy Hammer & Associates is your partner for succeeding in today's communication culture. We build comprehensive communications strategies and content that support robust business development. Our action plans are sustainable because we honor what's already working for you. Together, we'll ensure you stay on track inside your organization and outside in the world.

  • Protect your valuable brand equity and reputation.
  • Build long-lasting strategic relationships with informed insight.
  • Harness the power of team members and fans so they help you reach critical goals even faster.

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Walk Your Talk

  • Corporate Communications
  • Team Dynamics
  • Production Management

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Talk Your Walk

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Brand Integrity
  • Media Coaching

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Meetings of the Mind

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Informative retreat sessions
  • Roundtable discussions

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